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Cupido Tuxedo Robusto 5 Pack

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After years of waiting, Cupido Tuxedo is back! Cupido Tuxedo Maduro cigar delivers unique flavors, smoothness and consistency. TUXEDO is one of our finest and more exclusive cigar lines. Puff the Magic of a true boutique premium cigar. Each signed and numbered box of Tuxedo Robusto contains a true depiction of the fine art of old world cigar making. The Ratings and reviews are among the best, and after you smoke one you will know why it was voted the Boutique Cigar Brand of the Year for 1999 and 2000.

MEDIUM-BODIED. Starts with a slightly spicy and creamy taste, and just a hint of sweetness. It builds into a clean and rich smoke with loads of exhilarating, profoundly complex flavors. It continuous smooth and melodious with a creamy, slightly zesty taste. The interplay of cream, spice, a little sweetness and a note of pepper continues right through the end. The aroma has a very pleasant floral scent.

  • Model: Cupido Tuxedo Robusto

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