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Duque Cigars Heros Discount:

  HERO: WHAT IS A HERO?  WELL THE WEBSTERS DICTIONARY DIFINES A HERO AS-A: a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability. B: An illustrious warrior. C: a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities D: one that shows great courage. Well all of that is true but to us at DCC we think their should be a one more added to the list. F: A hero is any man or woman that wakes up every morning and goes off to a job no one else wants. A job no one else can do. A job full of risk and danger. They go to a job that doesn't come close to paying well enough to cover the risk or heart aches.

  The truth is without the men and women that watch over our streets,pull us out of burning buildings, or stand guard over our country, the whole world would crumble to ashes around us. So having said that to all of you, DCC calls you heros. To the men and women Police Officers,Fire Fighters, and members of the armed forces,  we would like to offer you a small token of  gratitude.

  we have a discount code for you and your families to use as long as  you shop with Duque Cigar Company. Just use the contact us button and Email us telling us that you would like to get your code and we will Email you your discount code to use as many times as you like. 

  Also Duque Cigar Company is putting together a "heros wall" so that when you email us if you could tell us your rank and if you have a story or photo you would like in the wall, include it as well. We are hoping to have the wall  up and ready to open by July 4th. Thank you.

  God Bless Each and Every One of You For Your Strength and Courage.

 ONE LAST THING!!! "Cigars for soldiers over seas": Every time one of our heros uses their code for a purchase DCC will donate cigars to "The cigars for soldiers fund".. In other words we will send cigars to a soldier over seas in your name! 

Duquecigars Heros discount