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Cupido Tuxedo Churchill Box

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Maduro Cigars Cupido Tuxedo super premium Churchill. These are some of the best Maduro cigars you can smoke. Cupido Tuxedo cigars are dark, rich and flavorful. They are produced in the Dominican Republic with seriously aged Ligero long leaf Filler and Binder. This fine blend of Nicaragua and Dominican Republic Cuban-seed tobacco is draped in an ultra premium Habano Maduro wrapper that features a silky sheen. Unlike most other Maduro wrappers, this one is naturally cured over many years to preserve the tobacco's delightful flavors. Each cigar is rolled by the expert hands of traditional Cuban Cigar Torcedores, assuring consistently perfect construction. Tuxedo Churchill is 7 inches long with a ring gauge of 52. 25 are hand packed in a handcrafted Jewel box made with the finest cedar from the mountains of Nicaragua.

MEDIUM-BODIED. Starts with a slightly spicy and creamy taste, and just a hint of sweetness. It builds into a clean and rich smoke with loads of exhilarating, profoundly complex flavors. It continuous smooth and melodious with a creamy, slightly zesty taste. The interplay of cream, spice, a little sweetness and a note of pepper continues right through the end. The aroma has a very pleasant floral scent.

  • Model: Cupido Tuxedo Churchill Cigar

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